Felicity Kendal's Indian Shakespeare Quest

1 x 60 arts documentary for BBC2

Felicity Kendal discovers the story of India’s long love affair with Shakespeare – from the first days of Empire to Bollywood and beyond …  


Long before ' The Good Life' , Felicity Kendal launched her acting career in India. She spent the formative years of her childhood criss-crossing the sub-continent with her parents’ eccentric theatre company, Shakespeareana . By the time she left for England at the age of 18, she had performed in everything from Maharaja’s palaces to dusty schoolrooms, elegant Victorian playhouses to makeshift open-air theatres made from sheets and scaffolding. In the process she played her own part in a much bigger story - the extraordinary tale of India’s love affair with Shakespeare.


In ' Felicity Kendal’s Indian Shakespeare Quest' , the actress returns to the country of her childhood - a country she still thinks of as ‘home’ - to discover how England's national dramatist became an icon in a faraway land.