Wagner & Me in cinemas now

Wavelength's award-winning feature documentary, Wagner & Me is currently showing in selected UK cinemas. For full details find us on Facebook or visit www.wagnerandme.com

Described by the Vancouver International Film Festival as a "dazzling emotional whirlwind of a documentary" the film follows Stephen Fry on a very personal journey to explore his fascination for history's most controversial composer: Richard Wagner.  But Stephen is Jewish - can he salvage the music he loves from its dark association with Hitler and the Nazis? 

Stephen's journey takes him backstage at the legendary Bayreuth Festival House - a theatre purpose-built by the composer himself. He also follows the Wagner trail to Switzerland and Russia, immersing himself in the music and piecing together the larger-than-life story of the composer himself.

The film has been selected for Festivals in USA (Rhode Island), Canada (Vancouver), Germany (Hamburg) and the UK (Cambridge).  It was awarded the Audience Choice Grand Prize at the Rhode Island International Film Festival - one of the dozen top US festivals.  

A shorter edited version of the film was broadcast by the BBC in Spring 2010.  The feature length film contains 30 minutes of extra previously unseen material.